Some people think I am mystic and psychotic, but I like to think I’m Exotic!


Oh Mother Nature ‘Nne Mu Ooni Sha, Osun;’ the Orishas, it’s not in your nature to want us to feel sad or Bad even; that would be madness.

That would be other people who make us feel that way. And if you’re kind, you don’t mind, if other people take from you, to make themselves feel better.


And if you’re easy going, they think your blind to what is happening and

Let them take, take, take, and then one day you break, and Then nobody wants to know because you are ruining their show.

And they label you as sad, or even mad, and its not ok.

Because if you’re down in the dumps it is probably because too many people have dumped on you,

To make themselves feel better, but there is a better way, A way to brighten up everybody’s day.


Just as Marcus Garvey said, ‘every human has right to his/her own opinion. Every race has right to its own history and action; therefore let no human persuade you against your will, let no other race influence you against your own’


A smile will really go that extra mile to lighten up your day, other people’s day and make everyone feel better in their own unique and special way.

And I have been cut with machetes and beaten up, but am not beaten at all, they tried to make me feel small, but I felt tall.

I am divine, strong and they were wrong,

Because surely everyone deserves happiness, why would anyone deserve anything less? Happiness and absolute forgiveness is a right, right for anybody who wants it.


Knowledge is good as long as you use it wisely and ethically. Use it, don’t abuse it.

And most people try to do your best and this helps to save the rest who may not have had the same opportunities because of life’s inherent lunacies.


And I may have been dealt a bad hand in life but we all know that it is how you play your card that matters.

And I see no point in being bitter, when I can get fitter, to spread messages of hope.

Anything wrong with that? NOPE!


Society works by shifting responsibility,

Blaming, shaming, and scape-goating.

And those who take too much on to keep this ‘apparent’ harmony (in reality it perpetuates disharmony) may one day fold, and then they are told that they are mentally ill, because of the ills of the world, when all they have shown is too much good will.


But society (not humanity) has a vested interest in keeping it this way.

As long as there is fear, that danger could be ever near, people will hide, not show pride, and not step outside of what they don’t know.


Marcus Garvey said, ‘fear is a state of nervousness fit for children and not men, when men fears a creature like himself he offends Gods, in whose images and likeness he or she is created, man being created equal fears not man but God, to fear is to lose control of one’s nerves, one’s will-to flutter, like a dying fowl, losing consciousness, yet, alive’


But remember the truth lies in that you don’t know, not what you know.

What you can’t refute, can’t dispute.

That is the way to create a better reality for you and me. Because this post-conceptual gear of others and ourselves keeps the us and them divide.


It breeds inequity, inequality, and an individualistic modern society, (modernity post-modernity?)

It promotes mistrust and hinders open communication, and prevents people from experiencing true elation.


We have a nation deliberately kept in fear, because when a good person cracks, having seen through the gaps, society shuns them, pushes them away.

If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone.

So they get punished all over again.


Now the past is affecting the present, ‘the centre can’t hold’; ancestors calling and choosing their sons and daughters to proclaim to humanity the present  danger; to attune for the past, to enable the present to flourish. Then he/she is labelled mentally ill and punished aside for being in touch with the divine of oneself and community synergy.


But really people all intend to be good in the main.

So to compensate for their perceived deficient, some people help and reap the benefits.

And some people take and steal from others, it’s not ok, but they can be shown a better way if they want it.


And some people don’t know how to ask, and it is our task to help them out, if they acknowledge their deficit and ask for help.

Out of the distress, that is a consequence of other people’s happiness.

Because we know that we’re fundamentally all good, but other people’s ‘should’ can stifle our creativity.

And it is when we are suppressed, distressed.


And on a global scale it seems that to keep the artificial peace we are pushing our unaccepted activities from West to East, from South North “blame game: Brexit, windrush, Religion, Trump”, because people have vested interest in keeping it that way.


Money makes the world go round, or does it?

We all know that is love and warmth that truly matters to us. But we keep playing the game, confident that we do our best, others will do the same.

But there is corruption and greed in every societal pore, because some people cannot help themselves from taking more and more.

And humanities way, the real way, is it about equity, equality embracing difference and change.


Not indifference but curiosity, give and take, share, care and repair. Reciprocity, mutual respect, having your truth listened to and heard.

Unconditional acceptance of yourself and others – not only doing unto others as you would do on to yourself, but also treating yourself as you look after others.


We all deserve to be treated as human livings, not human being’ because being is given, (a form of colonialism) while living is natural; human right to live in peace and harmony within our solar system “EARTH”. To treat all human as equal worth, we are worth it.


And society sexualises that touch, which we need so much, to soothe away those, aches and pains, and to give us the nurturing we may never had, because we were made to feel so ‘bad’.


Maybe start in belief rather than disbelief, ‘living curiously’ to fulfil Marcus Garvey’s prophesy; “this is the day of racial activity, when each and everyone group of this great human family must exercise its own initiative and influence in its own protection, therefore, Negroes should be more determined to-day than they have ever been, because the mighty force (TRUMP-BREXIT) of the world are operating against non-organised groups of people, who are not ambitious enough to protect their own interest.


Wake up Africa! Let us work towards the one glorious end of a free, redeemed and mighty nation. Let Africa be bright star among the constellation of nations, as a mans bread and butter is only insured when he/she works for it.’


It is what you can’t disprove, even if you want to disapprove of what is really happening around you.

But this is a message of hope and faith.

We can all do our bit to make the world fit.

To help make sense of the seemingly nonsensical.

And rescue our fate and planet. To be free spirits with no fear and doubt, just love, kindness and happiness.

Why would we think that anyone or we deserves anything less?


Extract from “Excessive note-taking/The Returned.


Written by Odi Okaka Oquosa (Ezenmuo)

18-07-2018. (www.odioquosaartist.com, info@odioquosaartist.com)